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We’re excited to bring you a brand new blog. We’re going to help you sound your very best, while maintaining your budget. Cheap Guitarist is even trying to get you some free gear by providing a curated list of gear giveaways!

Why We Exist

Our main mission is to help beginner, intermediate, and professional guitarists find the best gear for the best deals. Whether this means using cheaper brands, or finding the best offers around the web, we’re here to help you stay on budget.

Gear Reviews

Reviews of electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, effects, and accessories. We’ll be using an unbiased opinion to let you know if it’s golden or just garbage.

When you’re dealing with lower priced products, they sometimes don’t sound very good, or they have problems the more expensive gear don’t have. So we’ll always be completely honest when we do a review.

How To’s

Lessons on how to change strings or getting gear for less than usual. We want to make sure the beginner to the experienced players know what they’re doing.

Gear Giveaways

Any time we find out about a new gear giveaway, we’ll post about it on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook. We’re also looking forward to having our own giveaways. Be sure to check out our list of giveaways often.


A growing list of online guitar lessons, retailers, tab sites and more. We’ll constantly be looking for even more resources to share with our readers.

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