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Ever wish you could be a rock star, but don’t have the cash for expensive gear? That’s where we come in. Being a guitar player isĀ an expensive hobby, especially when half of playing guitar can be about showing off your fancy gear.

That doesn’t have to be true, though. You can own some excellent gear by knowing ahead of time what stuff is going to work great, but keep your wallet happy.

About the Creator

My name is Alvin Procknow, and I’ve played guitar for about 20 years now. I’ve never owned a Marshall stack, and I’ve never had a Gibson Flying V. What I do have is an Epiphone Demon V (that I bought cheap and used) and a couple of small practice amps.

That’s all I’ve ever needed since I haven’t been in any real bands. But when I do start jamming with other people, I know the gear I’m going to get, and what you should have.

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